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Pikninja Assassin Pro 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

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SURFACE: glass fiber composite for extreme spin, durability and control.  Extra grit infused in the surface to allow grit so that you can brush up and really create that extra spin most racket sport players desire.  

CORE: high performance honeycomb polymer with a generous sweet spot.  This is a super forgiving core that will still respond if not hit perfectly in the middle of the paddle.  We know nobody is perfect, so we designed a paddle that was more forgiving than most.  

WEIGHT: 7.8-8.2 oz +/- Mid-weight, for the perfect balance of both power and control.  A great middle ground for both power and control hungry players.  

PADDLE:   length 15.9″ width 7.9″ for amazing all-around playability 

THICKNESS: 13mm for superior dinking and absorption near the non-volley zone.  This is a thinner profile which allows for more speed at the kitchen line.  

3D COMFORT TENNIS GRIP:  length 5.25″, width 4.25″ for hours of continuous play and sweat absorption.  This grip is 0.25 longer than the traditional pickleball paddle and also boasts a traditional octagon tennis grip.  It will feel natural for anyone with a racket sport background.